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2018-0641 Risa Fey Unlovely.jpg

Horror: Unlovely

A line can scarcely be drawn between mental illness and the paranormal...

After escaping her abusive parents, eighteen-year-old Cora, who suffers from body dysmorphia, rents an isolated cottage in a backward town to live the rest of her life in peace. But just as everything is going well, she starts hearing voices inside her head and a mysterious young man begins to court her. The problem is, however, he lives on the other side of the mirror, and a series of sinister events all seem to be linked to him.

As Cora loses grip on reality, she plunges head-over-heels into an alternate dimension of bizarre fantasy and horror. Will she be able to figure out this haunting man's intentions before it's too late?

Is he even real?

This waking nightmare will steer you along the surreal dreamscapes of one tragically ill girl, whose fragile mind was ruined by the indelible traumas of her upbringing.