So you like doggos? Did you know I also create Doggo Blank-lined Journals?
If interested, you can click HERE to browse the U.S. Amazon store where all my Doggo Journals are located.
Hope you get a kick out of them!

**NOTE: I do not promote the journals in my Newsletter.**

Mock Up Omnibork 2.png

Heckin’ Hektor: Doggo Tails Omnibork (Borks 1-8)

Hektor's complete short story collection. Doggo fiction, inspired by the doggo memes!

Mock Up Doggo 1.png

Helo Fren: Doggo Tails Bork 1

Would u do a doggo felon an adopt…?

Mock Up Doggo 2.png

The Furry Potato: Doggo Tails Bork 2

From enemies to frens. The furry potato is doggo's only chance at bein' alpha in the neighborhud.

Mock Up Doggo 3.png

Cocky Cocker: Doggo Tails Bork 3

Tradeborks 'n Pee Rights taken a bit too far.

Mock Up Doggo 4.png

GSD EMTs: Doggo Tails Bork 4

No bunnors wor harmed in the makin' of this profeshunal rebork!

Mock Up Doggo 5.png

Danger Worm Danger!: Doggo Tails Bork 5

The danger worm is coming to the party.

Mock Up Doggo 6.png

The Goodest Boy: Doggo Tails Bork 6

One pupper must prove his mettle and learn to be a Good Boy.

Mock Up Doggo 7.png

PizzaCATE: Doggo Tails Bork 7

One gutsy cat makes war with the Watch Doge.

Mock Up Doggo 8.png

Goodbye Furry Potato (Frens Furever): Doggo Tails Bork 8

It is better to have booped snoots and lost, than to have never booped at all.