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Heckin’ Hektor: Doggo Tails Omnibork (Borks 1-8)

Quirky, zany, and wacky. This PG-rated collection of short stories is told entirely in the Doggo Meme Dialect.

Doggo fiction, inspired by the doggo memes!

Helo fren, am doggo, and am flip-heckin' famous author doggo at that! Thank u for doin' this colection of my persunal reborks a purchase. Am redy to do u many a tell, becos I am 12/10 story reborker!

This omnibork colection contains Borks 1-8 of the Doggo Tails series. Altogethur, thesse short stories repawsent my life's story, frum the day I wos sorrendered to the doggo prisun, to the day I did a self-sacrifice for my hooman. Doggos r loyal like that—espawcioly ratter terriers—but of corse you alredy knewed that!

If yo'r lookin' for somthin' to make u do a laugh 'n cry, am here for u, fren! Meet my many furrocios frens: Champito the chiwahwah, Joan of Bork the golden retreever, Gumbo the jumbo staffurdshire terrier, Brutus 'n Maximus the Englosh bulldoggerinos, FreakO the furry potato, and a whol heckin' lot mor!

It's a diverse cast of doges, that's for shore. Sum of them even have pawstounding sooperpowers for no other reson than plot convenience 'nd heck knows why! There are also plenty of baddies, too, fren... Animol villains, meen doges, danger noodles, 'n the dreaded catburgers from HECK.

I do not do LOLcats a like, not one bit. Y, u ask? Y becos they dogger me.

Snoots 'n bamboozles await u in these borks. Disclaimor: All woofs inspired by a true bork.

This single ebook contains Borks 1-8 of the Doggo Tails series, and all of them are narrated by Hektor the tail-waggin' doggo.

This short story collection includes:
Bork 1: Helo Fren
Bork 2: The Furry Potato
Bork 3: Cocky Cocker
Bork 4: GSD EMTs
Bork 5: Danger Worm Danger!
Bork 6: The Goodest Boy
Bork 7: PizzaCATE
Bork 8: Goodbye Furry Potato

Doggo Tails is recommended for anyone who loves dogs and adorable doggo memes. Contains some PG-level violence, thematic elements, mild language, and some mildly rude humor.

Mock Up Doggo 1.png

Helo Fren: Doggo Tails Bork 1

Would u do a doggo felon an adopt…?

Mock Up Doggo 2.png

The Furry Potato: Doggo Tails Bork 2

From enemies to frens. The furry potato is doggo's only chance at bein' alpha in the neighborhud.

Mock Up Doggo 3.png

Cocky Cocker: Doggo Tails Bork 3

Tradeborks 'n Pee Rights taken a bit too far.

Mock Up Doggo 4.png

GSD EMTs: Doggo Tails Bork 4

No bunnors wor harmed in the makin' of this profeshunal rebork!

Mock Up Doggo 5.png

Danger Worm Danger!: Doggo Tails Bork 5

The danger worm is coming to the party.

Mock Up Doggo 6.png

The Goodest Boy: Doggo Tails Bork 6

One pupper must prove his mettle and learn to be a Good Boy.

Mock Up Doggo 7.png

PizzaCATE: Doggo Tails Bork 7

One gutsy cat makes war with the Watch Doge.

Mock Up Doggo 8.png

Goodbye Furry Potato (Frens Furever): Doggo Tails Bork 8

It is better to have booped snoots and lost, than to have never booped at all.